Along with the development and more and more widely used technology of Internet of Things, Smart Locker, especially RFID Smart card Locker is becoming popular, which can be commonly seen anywhere in residence community, commercial buildings, bank offices, government office, hotels, smart cabinets etc, enable to provide more convenient and safety for people life.


To better understand of Smart Locker application, let’s compare with different type of Locker about its advantage and disadvantage as below:


        - Traditional mechanical Locker: structure more firm, lower open ability, key easy lost even be copied, or key-forgetting will cause any other troubles, etc


        - Biological recognition Locker: such as fingerprint locker, Iris recognition entrance guard, etc, they will be higher security, and no exist of lost or break; but this kind of locker is not convenient to configure, also their cost is very high.


        - Smart Lock/RFID Locker: by using smart card/Tag,magnetic strip card, TM card, etc, which this kind of medium also have advantage of higher security , PVC material, easy to take, lower price and more smart management, etc.